It’s Time to Say Goodbye

6 Jun

Eh, not really.

I graduated college a year ago, and I feel that I cannot continue writing under the domain name of Just Another College Student. So, ladies and gents, I’ve moved on to a new, but not really that improved name: The Faux Adult.

On this new blog, I will continue writing about the struggles I face, but as a quote “adult”. I hope that my beautiful readers of this blog will move on over and enjoy my new blog, but I will keep my old site up as well for new readers to enjoy.

Here is the link to my new blog. Please comment and let me know if you’re coming from this blog!

Stay Young!



How to be a Cheap A** –College Edition

17 Aug

Hello my fawns. How is your summer? Mine has been so relaxing; my darling George Clooney has been fanning me with his shirt while I lay on a thousand monarch butterflies fluttering into the shape of a chaise. We agreed on something simple this year.

I thought I would take a break from releasing dolphins with Mr. C for a moment and share some of my tips for how to live cheaply while in college. I like to think that I have mastered the art of the Cheap-Assery, and we all know how I love to watch myself type.

So here goes.

1. Master Eating Out

It seems as if once any break hits, everyone loses the ability to cook for themselves. Winter break and summer break can become expensive just from going out to dinner with all of the friends you’ve neglected during the school year. Now, I do not condone holing yourself up in your dark apartment and avoiding social events just in the fear of spending money. Rather, I encourage you to be crafty about how you go to these events. 

   Your Setting of Choice: The Big Group

It’s you and your favorite posse of 4-6 people. Restaurant is usually of the Tex-Mex variety. Good news? The more people there are, the less your plate is noticed. My first tip is to always eat 30 min-1 hour before going. You don’t want to eat as you’re walking out the door, because you want at least a little bit of room for what I’m about to explain.

   First, utilize those free appetizers. All Mexican and Tex-Mex places will have unlimited free chips and salsa. Eat. That. Shit. Up. Worry about saving your appetite when your parents are taking you out. Right now, you gotta eat those chips like you’re stocking up fat for winter, baby. By doing this, you can cut your hunger at least in half without your homies knowing. Then, when it comes time to finally order, you can then hold your stomach, double over, and whine: “oh man*, all those chips made me so* full. Guess there’s no point in buying a meal I’m not gonna eat*”. Cue understanding nods because your friends are bomb and a sly wink from you at the camera, breaking the fourth wall like you’re in The Office.

   Second, get a drink. According to research done by me on a night of drinking, big icy drinks like the delicious margarita will not only fill your brain with its wonderful slushy, alcohol goodness, but also your stomach. Alcoholic drinks are pricey? Well then make sure y’all schedule your dinner in the middle or near the end of Happy Hour! House margaritas are always reduced at Tex-Mex restaurants to at least a dollar, even two dollars cheaper. So you get to enjoy a delicious drink, good company, and a fuller wallet.

2. Be the Budget Shopper

If you’ve been reading my stuff for a while, you know I am not a stranger to the saying “college is for experimentation”. Well today, boys and girls, I am going to promote that statement with a brief lesson in budget shopping. Now, my kind of budget shopping does not include a checkbook, coupons, or Mom Jeans. It requires just a little extra preparation time and always pays off. See what I did there? 

   First: Stop shopping organic!

   I am all about the clean life, but save the grass fed beef for when you can afford dental. Organic produce and meat are at least 3,000%** more expensive than the store-brand shit. Your bodies can handle pesticides for four more years.

Second: Look at your local store’s weekly ads before going shopping. Actually, backspace..

   True Second: Plan your meals before you shop

   When you go to the store without having an idea of what you need, you suddenly become six again. You run to the cart with a heap of sugary cereal, barbecue chips, and Gushers like when your mom would tell you to grab one thing you wanted her to buy. But not only are those things bad for you, they add up fast. To avoid breaking the bank in one trip, come up with what kind of meals you are going to make yourself that week. They don’t have to be anything fancy. The boyfriend and I have Manwich for a meal like every other week. (If you haven’t discovered Manwich, you are missing out) Come up with at least three meals. You will most likely eat out on the weekend and there will be leftovers that you can eat as well. Once you have your meals and the ingredients you’ll need for them, return to my second point: Look at your local store’s weekly ads before going shopping.

Every major grocery store has a website and a weekly ad that you can download and look through. These ads will become your best friends. I tend to base what produce I’m going to eat that week on what is on sale. For example: I love fruit. Though I don’t eat organic, I like to eat as clean as I can, so I eat as much produce as possible. That healthy shit can also add up fast if you’re going for what’s $2.99 per pound. So I hit up my good friend the H-E-B Flyer to see what fruit is on sale. This week, nectarines were $0.89/lb, so I jumped on that and got three times the fruit! 

And lastly, after you’ve planned your meals, looked for deals, and written out your list, you must stick to the list as much as possible. The more you stray from the list, the longer your receipt. I rarely buy things that aren’t on my list unless I suddenly remember I needed them or I’m shopping with the boyfriend. When with the bf, our bags magically end up having some Chips Ahoy cookies. 

3. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

   You remember the three R’s from elementary school meant to make the world a cleaner and better place. Well now it’s time to make your classroom teachers proud. I’m talkin’ about clothes, my sprouts. As a female college student who is also a fashion blogger (sorta plug-in) and a simple shopaholic, it is difficult to deny myself a good T-shirt every once in a while. But, if you play the game of Triple R, you may not have to give up your shopping excursions. 

   Reduce: Do not go shopping when you are sad or bored. There is some sort of deadly chemical reaction that occurs between the synapses of your brain and the fabric in clothing when encountering sadness. I don’t know about you, but when Alwaysdaly is sad, she doesn’t just get that T-shirt. She gets the T-shirt, a new summer dress (because her other summer dresses aren’t as summer-y as this one), the “perfect” pair of jeans (for this year), some new bold lipstick and hell, the hat, too. It’s like I blink my teary eyes once and suddenly three hours have passed and I have half of Forever21 in my dressing room. Just. Don’t. Do. It. Get some ice cream if you’re sad, or go run for ten minutes if you’re bored. Your wallet will thank you.

   Reuse: Remember when we were younger and thrift stores were something that everyone donated to, but no one used? Well, thanks to hipsters and Macklemore, it is now accepted by the majority of society to shop at Goodwill. I personally don’t see why there was ever a stigma, because thrift stores are my main bitches. Seriously. I can walk into a Goodwill with $10 and get a whole outfit! And not only that, but I get brand names. Just two weeks ago I got an unused pair of Ann Taylor pants with their $98.00 price tag still attached for freaking $8.00. You cannot pretend that that isn’t awesome. So go forth and hipsterfy thyself. And to thine own hipster self be true. 

   Recycle: It’s not rocket science. If you a’int wearin’ it, you probably won’t ever. So help out your fellow people and donate. Or, if you want to make a few bucks, take your clothes to a re-sale shop. Be wary though, you won’t make bank and they usually are picky about what they will purchase. Usually what’s currently on-trend. At my university, students have a Facebook group where we can post items for sale. If you also attend a large university, this may also be an option. Start your own!

When in college, being a cheapskate can really help.

Stay cheap.


*elongate the vowels in these words for dramatic effect

**based off of research I didn’t really do, but rather an observation I made. No calculator was harmed in the making of this exaggeration

College Relationships

11 Jul

When one begins dating in college, it is not much unlike when one first gets their period. Self-consciousness peaks, you don’t know what you’re doing, and most nights end with a carton of ice-cream.

However, dating and college relationships can be clouds of cotton candy.  I’ve now been in a successful one for two years and have learned a lot about my partner and myself. So, since I like to yammer and you need to do something slightly more stimulating than binge-watching Community, I am going to share some droplets from my goblet of wisdom.

In college, you actually date each other

Remember in middle and high school when you weren’t allowed to go on dates until a predetermined-though-random age? How did relationships start?

Stage one: “Flirting” Stage

In which you look at him across the classroom, then he looks at you and you quickly look away. Repeat twelve times per class and maybe an extra ten in the lunchroom. Your friends talk to his friends to determine if the attraction is mutual. He passes you a note via Tom who gives it to your BFF Katie who slips it to you in U.S. History.

Stage two: “Dating” Stage

Group date/hang out. Usually occurs at TGI Fridays or the local AMC in a group of other couples so you are “forced” to pair off. There’s very little talking. Maybe you’ll hold hands or even -gasp- kiss quickly and awkwardly when no one is looking

Stage three: “Will you be my girlfriend?”

That’s it. This all usually occurred within a week. You take “breaks” every five minutes and usually end up dating the other’s best friend within a few months. Ah, the simplicity. The Shakespearean heartache.

In college, shit gets real, fast.

Stage one: “Meeting for the first time”

You catch his eye with your perfect ping-pong ball throwing form at the BP table. To show his strength and endurance, he does a keg stand while you admire from a distance.

Stage two: “Fuzzy Stage”

This can occur for as short as a week and as long as a year. Y’all make-out, go out together, and hang out with friends together. Nothing is said concerning the actual status of your relationship. For some reason, in college, this doesn’t need to be spoken of. Everyone’s too busy figuring themselves out and being independent or whatever. But–eventually–it happens…

Stage three: “The Facebook Status Change”

“Jeff wants to change his status to ‘In a Relationship’ with you, will you accept?”

And let the hallelujah chorus sing; the day has come.

In college, intentions change.

When you’re in a relationship in college, it’s much different than in high school. Because in college, most of us are essentially looking for our future husband/wife/sugar mama/daddy. Don’t let anyone fool you; we all just want our forever-bae in the end. No longer do we waste time on people we don’t see a future with.

It’s pretty intense.

But really awesome.

In college, relationships mature to a deeper level.

Finally, you can have that person that knows you deeply. You can have a relationship built on complete trust and honesty. You can fart in bed and they will still scoot over and cuddle with you–after the smell settles of course.

And the gifts get pretty bad-ass. That merits mentioning.

Of course, since we are all only in our twenties, we still have a lot of growing up to do. We all desperately insist that we’ve grown and are completely different than when we were in high school, but come on–that was only four years ago. We still have so much to learn. So the fights in your college relationship can start out completely ridiculous and can get blown out of proportion. But hey, it’s okay. You’ll eventually realize that you assume shit like you’re Miss Cleo; and he’ll figure out that you’d rather he just shut up and listen to you bitch rather than tell you how to fix your problems.

It’ll work out.

It’s college; we’re all trying to figure shit out.

This is the time for us to discover ourselves. So whether you’re in a relationship or not, keep that in mind. This is when you are learning who you are and who you will be. Your existence does not need to depend on someone else’s. Don’t let all of the engagement and wedding posts on Facebook strike fear in your heart. There’s plenty of time for that later. Just click that little ‘Like’ button and get back to doin’ you.

So if you’re in a relationship, enjoy it. Remember that growing up is a process. Be patient. Be kind.

If you’re not in a relationship, enjoy it. Remember that growing up is a process. Be patient. Be kind.

Stay in love with yourself (and)(or) others



Common Thoughts of a College Student

9 Jul

I’ve had moments of what I like to call CollegeCeption when I have subconsciously stepped out of my subconscious and become aware of some of the stupid shit I’ve thought as a college student that I will most likely never think again after graduation. I thought that I could share a handful.

1) Can I still eat this?

Is it really true that you can’t let raw meat sit in the fridge for longer than a week? I mean, I don’t want that money to go to waste. Sure, it’s a little grey in the center, but…

2) First month subscription is free?! 

I’ll totally remember to cancel the subscription before they charge me.

3) I’ll start working out on Monday.

Hahahahaha, nah.

4) Am I becoming an alcoholic?

Hahahahaha, nah.

5) I could make money off of selling: blood, eggs/sperm, plasma, drugs.

It can’t be that bad.

It can, kids. It can.


Don’t forget to laugh at yourself


The Truths of Living with Your Significant Other

7 Jul

This was written about 10 months ago and was lost in the old, dusty cases within my drafts box. Since I still think it’s relevant, I chose to spruce it up and finally give it its chance to shine. Enjoy!

Hello my chickadees,

This summer, due to a five-week long void between the move-out date of my old apartment and the move-in date of my new one, I was presented with the advantageous opportunity to live with The Boyfriend for a month. We called it our “Trial Run”, and it was great. However, there are some important discoveries that I have made over the past number of weeks. And, because I am so benevolent and selfless and I don’t do any of this to get more views, I am here to share my crayons of wisdom:

1) You can’t hold your poop in forever.

Before moving in with your man/woman, you enjoyed the option of holding in every fart and bowel movement until you were back in the privacy of your own bathroom. However, that option gets decapitated screaming “Freedom!” once you start moving your shampoos in. (If you didn’t get my reference, slap yourself) A word to the wise: get it out of the way as soon as possible, because not only will your relationship get that lovely bump up in comfort levels, but your sphincter is only so strong. You should be saving up on blocks for more important moments, like if you’re having brunch with the Queen or trying to hide from a bear.

2) Yes, you do fart in your sleep

In case you weren’t aware, you are not perfect. Your girlfriend/boyfriend believes you are until that fateful moment when they hear your intestinal indiscretion , catch you picking your nose, or see you in your first-thing-in-the-morning eye boogers and dried drool. The trick is to not fear this moment, because if he/she truly cares for you, then they will stay even after you lower your mask and reveal your melted-cheese face. Who knows, maybe they’ll even come back and bury your body someday(please get that reference).

3) Your fights will change

Before, y’all would fight about the smallest and most random of things. The majority of the dispute would take place over text (which I never advise), assumptions are made, tones are interpreted, and things blow up. First you thought you were fighting over him not coming over last night for Hot Pockets and Glee, but now it’s about how he doesn’t talk to your friends and oh yeah–you’re still pissed about that comment his bud Jeff made about your ass and hey–why don’t you send me cute emojis anymore?

When you’re crammed into a smaller space day-in and day-out, you can’t fight about stupid little things anymore because you’re both gonna have to feel shitty while laying next to each other that night. So you choose your battles, learn to let more go, and become a happier and more fun person to be around.

4) You (can) become boring

Why go out and pay for dinner and a movie when you can throw some eggs on the stove and watch SouthPark for the umpteenth time? After a time of living together, your comfort level with each other at home can get to the level of “let’s never leave”; though I don’t see it as an all-out bad thing, you gotta keep some excitement and freshness in the relationship as well. So yeah, maybe it is a waste to drop a small wad of cash on something you could do at home, but you could go do something that you can’t do in the confines of your apartment/house: go rock climbing, take a hike, have an adventure.

5) Me becomes We and Us

And it’s grand.


Keep that sphincter tight


Aside 4 Apr

I must have you.

I steal you from your bed at night

feel the smoothness of what covers you

slip through my fingers

and silently hit the floor

Pray no one hears.

Your smell so sweet

I devour you,

your taste taking me over the top.

You fill me

and I finish

Grabbing a glass of milk

before retreating away into the dark.

-Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, by AlwaysDaly

On Resolutions

12 Jan


Holy crap, it’s 2014. The Lion King is 20 years old, and no child will even know who Tommy or Blue was. (Let us all shed a tear in mourning and clutch our beanie babies tightly) Fitness centers are overrun with the First Month is Free goers; the richter scale is picking up vibrations from the millions of running Vitamixes, and your high school friends are peeking through the window with Starbucks in hand. Yes, readers. It is resolution time.

Now, I don’t have anything wrong with resolutions. I think it’s fabulous when people want to change something about their lives in a positive way. However, I view life in an “everyday is a new day” kinda way, so I feel like resolutions can be thought of each morning.

However, since I am a true follower, I still create resolutions for myself each year. Being the self-less woman that I am, I’ve chosen to share my wisdom on keeping resolutions year-long.

1. Make your resolutions as vague as possible.

This way, you can do the bare minimum and still puff your chest up with pride as you brag to your loser friends how you’ve stuck to your resolutions. Examples: Instead of “Work out twice a week”, say “Go to a gym regularly”. Going to a gym could be as simple as walking inside of a gym, watch some hunky hunkies swim at the pool, then go home to your Walking Dead and taquitos. No one can call you out, because, well, loopholes and such.

2. Tell your resolutions to your mom.

Moms remember everything; especially when it comes to their babies. Remember that time you made the mistake of telling your mom the date rent is due? Yeah, how many times the week prior to paying did she make you remember? So, if you share your resolutions with her, you can be sure to never forget.

3. Make it into a routine.

Just like your 10 o’clock trip on the porcelain bus, you can make your resolutions into a mind-less routine. Some scientist somewhere said that if you can stick to something for somewhere between a week and a month (or something), you can make it into a habit. Or, at least, that’s what I think he/she/they said. I’m a fountain of quality information, y’all.

4. Don’t be afraid of failure.

Cause hey, there’s always next year!

Keep on keepin’ on